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Those brave men and women who have served our country are unaware that there are tax free benefits which are available to them simply by their military service and the fact that they are in need of long term care assistance. The problem is that many uninformed Veterans are under the impression that they have to be impoverished or disabled as a result of their military service to receive it and subsequently do not apply for fear of being denied. These misconceptions can have a terrible financial impact on Veterans and their families because they may have been qualified all along to receive tax-free dollars to offset the high cost of their long term care. That’s why I wrote this book: to help veterans and their families better understand the complex Veterans benefits system and to inform them how they too can receive up to $2,054 in TAX FREE income monthly.

If you or a member of your family is an honorably discharged veteran, who is older than 65, who served at least one day during a period of wartime (the definition of “wartime” may be broader than you think), and if you are at home or in an assisted living facility and spending hundreds of dollars every a month or more on the cost of your long term care or assisted living expenses, then you may qualify for benefits under the VA Aid and Attendance Pension Program.

I am Lisa Kline Goldstein, Esq. an Accredited Veterans Attorney and practicing elder law attorney. The privilege of being accredited requires me to obtain specialized training to properly advocate for Veterans and their families. I am constantly learning more and more about the ins and outs of the extremely complex Veterans’ improved pension benefits system. I know that THERE ARE SOLUTIONS TO YOUR PREDICAMENT. I have helped hundreds of families such as yours work through the complex maze known as the VA Improved Pension with Aid and Attendance. That is why I am offering you the opportunity to educate yourself about how this valuable AND little utilized benefit can make a world of difference in the quality of your life. My first suggestion to you is to SIGN up today to start receiving you FREE E-Book. As my father always said, knowledge is power. This journey is not always easy, but it is doable. I want to give you the tools NOW to start earning that extra TAX FREE income which you have earned by virtue of your military service to lessen the burden of your rising long term care costs.

My staff and I work hard every day to ensure that our veterans receive all of the benefits they’ve earned. Because this benefits program has many aspects, I have decided to send out our Veterans’ Primer in segments, once a day for five days. After you have finished the initial series, and if you choose to do so, I will be happy to continue to send you follow-up newsletters that I hope you will find valuable. They will address topics that we believe will be of interest to you in your journey. There is always something new we are learning and we want to share our knowledge with you. At any time you have specific questions about how the VA Improved Pension program can benefit you or a loved one, please feel free to contact my office at 561.267.2207 so that we can assist you. LKG Law PA is here to address your concerns, Even if we have heard similar stories from other families, we are always sensitive to the fact that this may be the first time YOU have been confronted with these issues. We pride ourselves on achieving our first and foremost goal with each of our clients, that is, to find solutions that best suit your particular set of circumstances because here at LKG Law PA, we know how to navigate the complex Veterans’ benefits system.

Obtaining eligibility for VA Aid and Attendance Benefits can be very complicated so using an accredited VA attorney could make the difference for you. I am qualified as an accredited VA attorney. If you or your loved one has served your country let this valuable long term care benefit designed specifically for Veterans and their spouses now help you to defray the high cost of long term care. Call my office at 561.267.2207 at any time to discuss how I can help you receive tax-free money to help cover your long term care costs and help ensure that your military service and sacrifice is rewarded now that you are in need. Each family’s situation is unique, so even if you have been turned away from the VA before, we can help you find answers and solutions because we know how to navigate the complex Veterans benefits system and may have a solution just for you. I urge you not to wait until it’s too late!!!

Here are just a few of the Secrets you will learn about in my VA Improved Pension Primer:

  • How a veteran may qualify for benefits of up to $2,054 every month…TAX FREE!!
  • How the widow of a veteran may qualify for a benefit of up to $1,094 every month or more
  • The asset and income limitations that you must meet in order to become eligible
  • What to expect when navigating the complex veterans system.
  • How Medicaid and VA can work together to help cover care costs.
  • And many more……………….


We respect your email privacy

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