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It’s hard enough to oversee the physical care of a loved one who needs your help. It’s even more difficult when you factor in the high cost of long-term care. Has the thought of paying for the actual cost of long-term care been keeping you awake at nights wondering how you were going to keep everything going without becoming destitute in the process? Are you considering spending your life savings in order to properly care for your loved one?

I am Lisa Kline Goldstein, Esq. I know that THERE are solutions to your situation. I have helped thousands of families such as yours work through the Medicaid maze. That is why I am offering you the opportunity to educate yourself about Florida Medicaid. My first suggestion to you is to SIGN UP today to start receiving you FREE E-BOOK on the basics of Florida Medicaid. As my father always said, knowledge is power. This journey is not always easy, but it is doable. I want to give you the tools NOW to navigate the Medicaid maze.

Do you worry about not having enough money to cover you and your spouse throughout your retirement years ESPECIALLY when and if you or your loved one needs protective/custodial care? Are you the adult child of a frail elder who wonders how you can juggle your own career and family AND assist your parent as you struggle to learn enough information so that you can effectively care for an aging loved one?

You are now on a remarkable journey, one that will be filled with great joy, and sometimes sadness. The road you are on will always be a challenge. You will be developing skill sets in areas you never knew you would need. Aging and taking care of an aging and frail loved one is never simple task. I have helped countless people navigate this journey successfully. Please allow me to assist you and your family going forward.

With one in seven Americans age 65 and older expected to spend time in a nursing home (and for those 85 and older, the chances are more than one in five) there is real cause for concern. In South Florida, the cost for such care can be $10,000.00 a month, more or less. Consider too that many elders will downsize into independent and assisted living facilities that can cost roughly half that much each and every month. If staying in one’s home is vital, and if home health care services are appropriate, the cost of care at home can cost nearly as much as for assisted living if protective care is needed 24/7. So, from a financial perspective, you have good reason to be concerned. In these uncertain economic times, it is easy to understand that people go broke paying for health care and long-term care. Now that you have landed here, I want you to STOP stressing. You are not alone. My staff and I are here to help.

We have developed an essential primer to help you better understand the complex Florida Medicaid Program. Because this program has many aspects, we have decided to send out our Medicaid Informal Guide in segments, once a day for six days. After you have finished the initial series, and if you choose to do so, we will continue to send you follow-up newsletters that we hope you will find valuable. They will address topics that we believe will be of interest to you in your Medicaid journey. There is always something new we are learning and we want to share our knowledge with you. At any time you have a specific question about how the Medicaid program can benefit you or a loved one, call my office at 561.267.2207. LKG Law PA is here to address your concerns. Even if we have heard similar stories from other families, we are sensitive to the fact that this may be the first time YOU have confronted these issues. And each family’s situation is unique. We find answers and solutions for people in similar situations because we know the intricacies of the Medicaid program.

Here are just a few of the Secrets you will learn about in my Medicaid Informational primer:

  • Ways to save money and still get the best Long Term care available
  • How to qualify for government benefits to help supplement your out of pocket costs
  • The little mistakes most seniors make that could cost them their entire life saving
  • How to protect your loved ones even after you are gone
  • The myths about Medicaid that are just not True
    • AND MUCH MORE…..!

 FREE Medicaid E-BOOK Series!

We respect your email privacy

As a long time elder law attorney in private practice since 1992, I am here to guide you on this journey. In my FREE materials, you will find simple explanations of complex issues that we, whether as aging individuals or as adult children taking care of aging parents, need to address compassionately and realistically. Sign up now to protect yourself, your loved ones and your legacy from the mistakes uninformed seniors and their families make daily. I encourage you to take the first step in securing your financial future.

Best wishes to you and your loved ones,

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