Special Needs Planning is a specific area of Elder Law that addresses the legal needs faced by people with disabilities. This type of planning is geared to people with disabilities of all types regardless of the age of the client. Whether the client is a minor or a young adult or an older adult who requires continuous oversight, the area of Special Needs Planning focuses on solving the challenges that person confronts on a day to day basis.

At LKG Law PA, we determine what types of government financial and medical benefits your loved one may be entitled to receive. These benefits include Supplemental Security Income, Social Security Disability Insurance, Medicaid, Medicare and even some types of Veteran’s benefits for dependents. If the disability onset was while the client was serving in the military, it may be possible to obtain certain Veteran’s health and financial benefits so that the client can remain as independent as possible.

We help families develop legal and financial plans now for the future care of their disabled children insuring that their lives will be as comfortable as possible using a combination of government and private funding sources. For instance, how and if a person on government benefits can accept an inheritance without losing those benefits can pose a life and death situation for a child with complex medical needs.

We also encourage the use of advance directives, trusts and/or guardianships to provide a safety net to insure that our clients have as much autonomy as possible with oversight from a trusted family member, friend or advisor to guide them in their personal and financial decision making.

We put your family’s security front and center by creating action plans that grow with your special needs child. Every milestone has its special challenges. Know what options you have to pay for long-term care. Know where to turn to for services and support for you and your child. You can feel comfortable knowing that your concerns are being heard and addressed in a professional and caring way.