At LKG Law PA, each family receives individualized services and attention to create a life care plan sensitively designed to meet their needs and values, goals and objectives.

When almost all of our clients are in their third third or disabled, it has always been a maxim that we value dignity and independence and that our clients should only expect from us the highest levels of respect and professionalism. What we do is serious stuff. Our solutions impact real lives. We are proud of what we have accomplished for our clients. For a moment in time, our firm is allowed to be an integral part of people’s families guiding them step by step down that muddy field to their goal line. Decisions associated with chronic health care are not easy ones to make. In close collaboration with our clients and their families we reduce stress and allow for families to proceed on firm legal footing. We are grateful for all those people who have become clients. For allowing LKG Law PA to serve you, we say Thanks!

Life care planning serves both parents and children with an emphasis on those times where the health of one or the other is the driving force for seeking legal advice.