Are you overwhelmed with the fear that you or your loved one ‘s Long-term care expenses are going to wipe out your life savings? Take a deep breath.

Whether you served in the military or not, there are government programs that can assist with this cost. For example, long-term care benefits through the Veterans’ Administration can be a valuable addition to any long-term care planning. These tax free dollars awarded to a vet or a widow(er) of a vet can allow one to age in place, at home, at an independent living facility, an assisted living facility or even a nursing home because those dollars can be spent on such needs as a home health aide or to defray the high costs of institutional care.

As an Accredited VA Attorney, Ms. Goldstein can provide veterans and their families the expertise necessary to guide them through the maze of the VA planning and application process. Whether you have a service connected disability or you are seeking VA Aid and Attendance benefits, our staff at LKG Law PA can insure that you receive all the benefits the VA offers. We provide personalized attention to each client so that these benefits can start as quickly as possible.

And if you or your loved one cannot obtain VA benefits, there is always Medicaid. We always incorporate Medicaid planning with our Long-term care planning as Medicaid coverage can also assist you or a loved one to stay at home for as long as possible as well as cover medical expenses associated with living in an assisted living or nursing home.

Not planning with an eye towards obtaining both types of benefits for a loved one is like leaving free money on the table. In fact, the Florida Supreme Court in 2015 ruled that only licensed attorneys can give any advice and assist clients in the preparation doing Medicaid planning. When you hire our law firm, we can offer your planning techniques that will allow for a smooth transition from VA benefits to Medicaid benefits so that your long term care costs are minimized and your estate planning goals are maximized.

We pride ourselves on our ability to create viable funding sources for the long- term care needs of our clients and their families by maximizing all government benefits available to them.