The expression “Elder Law” was coined in the mid-1980’s to describe an emerging need in the law. With the advent modern medicine and as our population continues to age, it became evident to many estate planning attorneys that there were issues that needing to be addressed above and beyond the traditional wills, trusts and advance directives that primarily addressed post mortem legal issues.

The field of ELDER LAW encompasses a variety of topics:

  • Traditional estate planning
  • Asset Protection and Preservation
  • Long-term Care Planning, including VA benefits and Medicaid Benefits
  • Social Security benefits, including SSI, SSDI and retirement planning
  • Advance directives
  • Guardianships (transactional and contested)
  • Trust and Probate Administration
  • And so much more…….

Our aim at LKG Law PA is to provide the most targeted planning for each client’s unique needs. Planning is not just the preparation of legal documents, it is the art and science of creating and anticipating current and future legal needs of our clients and their families. As each new chapter in your life emerges, will you be prepared to face those challenges that arise with each new challenge? Will you be positioned legally and financially to weather those oncoming storms? Will that one next medical crisis throw you into a downward spiral of stress and anxiety? Is your legal planning up to date?

We are all on a life journey. We all want to be able to handle our own affairs competently as long as possible and we want to age in place. We all want to maximize our assets in order to remain independent and to transfer as much of those assets to our loved ones as possible when we pass. We want our wishes carried out when we are too frail or disabled to stand up for ourselves. We want this for ourselves and our loved ones. At LKG Law PA we work with you and your family to make certain those whose voices can no longer be heard can still send a clear signal that they matter and that their desires must be met.